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Trade Shows
and Live Corporate Appearances

Since his first live corporate presentation in 1981,
Jerry has faithfully represented Fortune 500 companies, 
small start ups, and even foreign governments at Trade Shows 
and in-house training and celebratory events all over the world. 
He has never worked for a client just once; every client has used him at least a second time.
With his background in theater and experience in improv
and stand up comedy, Jerry boasts not only a lively and engaging 'straight' presentation, but can play any characterization or faithfully execute your company's wildest idea.
And with twenty years of experience using an EAR PROMPTER, Jerry can effortlessly deal with any copy changes--hand him your script at 9:45, he'll do the first show when the floor opens at 10:00. Clients in the last few months include Sun Microsystems in Las Vegas and Sabic Plastics in Germany.

(All clips noted with an* were done with ear prompter)
Small Booth*
Small Stage*

Medium Booth*

Large Booth*

invensys sales

Large Stage* spac
Large Stage* spac Europe* spac The Bahamas



Partial Client/Show List:


Wang Network Solutions Federal Imaging Show,Wash.,D.C.

Hewlitt Packard Servers, San Jose

Voicetek Voice mail systems, Atlanta, Las Vegas

General Electric, Lighting, Plastics, 1996 through 2003, 
Chicago, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Atlanta, etc.

Owens Corning, 1998-2001, Dallas, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, etc.

Microcom Remote Access Networld/Interop, Atlanta, Las Vegas


Interleaf Software
Al Askew, smarmy game show host
resellers conference, Orlando, (Larry Miller Prods.)

ITT Sheraton
Howard Cosell (w/Roger Staubach)
Franchisees Meeting, Texas Stadium

Ocean Spray
Albert Einstein
Sales Meeting, Boston

Ponce DeLeon
Sales Meeting, Boston

Geek & Pushy New Yorker
Networld/Interop, Las Vegas, Atlanta

The Perfect Salesman
Sales Meetings, various cities

Loser Lawyer
Networld, Atlanta, Vegas

Wisecracking Terrfied Camper (Blair Witch parody),
Starship Captain,
Roving Reporter,
TV Host
Networld/Interop Atlanta, Vegas, etc.

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