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"...Standouts in the cast of six include Jeremiah Kissel as Richard Burbage... One of the most famous actors of Shakespeare’s day, Burbage comes to Stratford in "The Last Will" to plead with his friend to return to London and to his writing. Kissel plays Burbage with the warmth, charm, and pomp that you would expect of a great stage actor of the day, and he provides us occasionally with a stirring reading of some of Shakespeare’s verse. ---Edge New York City
w Austin Pendleton as

with Austin Pendleton as Shakespeare

w Austin
 "...In the play, Shakespeare’s health is fading and so are his mental faculties, a device that enables Mr. Brustein to pepper the script with references to “Hamlet” and other works, since he is constantly confusing the real people in his life with his characters. The presence of Richard Burbage (Jeremiah Kissel), who played many of Shakespeare’s greatest roles, provides even more opportunities for this sort of literary name-dropping."--The New York Times