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"...Over a brisk and compelling 80 minutes, Shakespeare slowly disintegrates as he banters with his actor pal Richard Burbage (Jeremiah Kissel, terrific as usual), who wants him to return to work..."
--The Boston Globe

As Burbage w Allyn Burrows

with Allyn Burrows as Shakespeare and Stacey Fischer as Judith
 "...the most compelling character is...Richard Burbage, played with
valedictory flair by Jeremiah Kissel..."
---Carolyn Clay, Boston Phoenix
as Burbage
                      w Stacey Fischer
"...By his side on this last journey is his confidant, soul mate, and friend Richard Burbage– Shakespeare’s star player who first acted Othello, Hamlet, and Lear onstage. Jeremiah Kissel plays the sumptuously talented Burbage and it’s a part he was born to play. The florid emotion, his overflowing delight in the very playing, the punning, the drama–Kissel devours the part and we relish it..." -Joyce Kulhawick, Joyce's Choices