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"..Jeremiah Kissel is inspired as Joseph E. Lapidus, a not-too-thinly-disguised takeoff on the late movie mogul Joseph E. Levine, who, as a producer, rode sword and sandals spectacles starring the late Steve Reeves, such as “Hercules,” to fame and fortune."
--Boston Stages
as Joseph E. Lapidus

with Will LeBow
"...great timing, a lot of mugging, and perhaps a bit of ad libbing"
---Talkin' Broadway
with Kathy
                      St. George
"That spirit of reunion casts a festive overlay onto “King of Second Avenue.” Jeremiah Kissel jaws with Will LeBow. Brustein and Hankus Netsky, a previous collaborator on “Shlemiel the First,” have crafted a smart, toe-tapping klezmer score..."
--Ed Siegel, WBUR