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with Karen MacDonald
"...Far less controversial than the situation in Gaza, of course, is whether Kissel and his thespian colleagues are any good. Newsflash: They are excellent...."
--Carolyn Clay, WBUR Artery
"Kissel makes Izakov a study in controlled inner conflict. He reluctantly surrenders some of that tightened anguish only when persuaded by his wife to don a skirt of pink tulle and perform the Doris Day classic “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)” at a children’s party..."
--The Patriot Ledger

Cheeseman and Kissel both give intense performances and are the anchors of Ulysses on Bottles... Kissel balances the duality in Saul's life, where he legally supports the position of the State, but personally admires his client's steadfast devotion to his cause...

The scenes between Kissel and Cheeseman are mostly charged with urgency. This kind of moral and philosophical complexity is a pitch in Kissel’s wheelhouse, and he does not disappoint. The actor’s eloquent face is a map of conflict, and it is there that we see Saul’s crisis of conscience — and the larger issues raised by “Ulysses on Bottles’’ — playing out.
--The Boston Globe
with Will Lyman
with Ken Cheeseman