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"To plainess honor's bound when majesty stoops to folly.."

with Will Lyman: "Now, by Apollo, King, thou swearest thy gods in vain"
Jeremiah Kissel enlivens the Lear-loyal Kent, a character who can be as boring as he is noble, with a sly, physical, even antic turn that settles into aching wisdom at the painful end.
--Carolyn Clay, WBUR Artery

Jeremiah Kissel, that ever-reliable force of nature, brings unstoppable forward drive to his portrayal of the Earl of Kent, a Lear loyalist who disguises himself (and adopts an amusing French accent) to surreptitiously serve the very king who has banished him. Director Maler showcases the actorís athleticism in the opening scene, when Lymanís Lear tosses his crown in front of him, and Kisselís Kent races across the stage and makes a catch worthy of Rob Gronkowski.
--Don Aucoin, Boston Globe

with Will Lyman
with Ken Cheeseman